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I was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States when I was about 6-7 years old. I was raised in Lawrence, Massachussetts where I attended Lawrence High School.I am currently a Sophomore at UNH and am planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am fluent in Spanish and enjoy hanging out with friends as well as playing a little bit of video games. Even though I don't know how to swim, my favorite thing to do is go to the beach and just relax. I am a very outgoing person; don't be afraid to come up to me and start a conversation!
My advice to the incoming freshmen is to use all available resources. You are embarking into a part of your life that you have never experienced before. These next 4 years or so will shape you into the adult that you want to become. Listen to your mentors, don't be afraid to ask questions and most importantly remember that all the services provided at the university are in place to help you achieve your goals. 





Hey guys! Im Melanie. This year I'm a senior Spanish and history double major. At school I work both with Rising Scholars and at the Center for International Education as an office assistant. I also mentor through Wildcat Youth Mentors. During the summer I work at a summer camp in Hebron, NH as a camp mom, so I get to hang out and do awesome activities all day with ten year olds. I love camp so much so be prepared to hear about it! I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you!


Hey guys, my name is Chris and I will be a junior at UNH next fall. I currently major in Information Technology, (those boring tech guys you call when your computer isn’t working) and I’m hoping to gain a job involving digital forensics once I graduate. I’m always down to play any type of sport, but really enjoy soccer and basketball. If I’m not programming for class, you’ll find me working at campus rec. If you see me working there, I’d hope (actually expect) you to come over and say hi. If I had one piece of advice I could pass on to all the incoming Rising Scholars, it would be to really put yourself out there at the beginning of the year. Join clubs and do activities with your hall (if you’re in the dorms), to meet new people. I’m excited to start working with you guys this year and I’m hoping to make your freshman year as exciting as mine was!






Hi everyone! My name Becky and I will be a sophomore at UNH next fall. I am majoring in Occupational Therapy and hoping to double minor in Family Studies and Art Therapy. In high school I participated in Upward Bound at UMF and that is what led me to Rising Scholars. Here at UNH, I have participated in many leadership workshops such as Leadership Camp 2013, Emerging Leaders, and Transforming Leaders. I am also an active participant of CAB, CATS, and Knitting Club. I love to travel, knit, and to spend time with family and friends. Freshman year is a big transition, even if you prepare. Know that there are many resources for you on campus to help make your time at college great. It might be hard, but, don’t underestimate yourself and set reachable goals. You will succeed if you try.




I am currently a sophomore at UNH, dual majoring in theater and psychology. I will be honest with you guys and say that originally I really did not want to go to UNH at all, because I'm from NH and wanted to get out. Unfortunately college is expensive and this is what I could afford. FORTUNATELY however, I am very very happy to be able to call myself a student here at UNH, and even more pleased to be a Rising Scholar Leader for you guys. This entire campus is such an amazing, friendly, and FULL community, and I felt welcome right away. I look forward to getting to know you guys, and helping you take advantage of every resource this great campus has to offer.

My advice to incoming freshman is to remember that everyone here is just as afraid as you, maybe even more, and everyone here is looking for friends. Be open and friendly, people will reciprocate the gesture. Everyone here, your peers, the staff, and professors at the University WANT you to succeed here. If you need help, REACH OUT. If you have a question, ASK. I can't tell you how many times I got lost at the beginning of my freshman year and had to ask a total stranger for directions. Every single time they were more than happy to help. Don't be afraid.


Hello Everyone and future rising scholars. My name is Justin and I'm going to be a sophomore here at UNH, studying Business Administration. I enjoy living an active lifestyle and always being on the go. You can catch me rooting on UNH at all major sporting events. I look forward to reaching out and creating a relationship with all of you guys this year.
If I could address all the incoming rising scholars, I would tell them to reach out and talk to the people around them. The earlier you start getting to know people, the easier it will be because everyone will be in the same shoes you will be in. And don't be afraid to be yourself because that is what people want you to be.





Hi everyone!! My name is Nicole and I am currently a sophomore at UNH. I went into school as a declared major in english teaching but as you will all learn, things change. So, at the moment I am undeclared in the College of Liberal Arts and hope to eventually get into Journalism. I've lived in Vermont my entire life. One day I hope to travel and going to UNH is the first stepping stone toward this for me. Naturally, I am from a small town so I have always loved the outdoors! I like to think I am an easy person to get along with. I love talking to people and helping them in anyway I possibly can! After completing my first year at UNH the best advice I can give is just keep working hard, and don't knock yourself down if things don't go your way. College is a whole different ball game and for some it takes a while to adjust. So just hold your heads high and everything will work out in the end! 



Hi everyone! My name is Sofia and I’m a sophomore with a Nursing major. I’m originally from Portugal and moved here when I was six so I’ve learned to always adapt to changes. I love being in new situations and meeting new people. I live in Chicopee, MA but I decided to come to UNH because it was love at first sight when I stepped on campus! My first year of college was everything I hoped it would be, but it also came with the same struggles that everyone faces and I learned that there’s so many places on campus to turn to when you need help. My advice for you this year is to step out of your comfort zone and join as many organizations as you can that you think you’d enjoy, it’s an easy way to meet tons of new people with the same interests as you!





















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