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Scholarship and Grant Resources Through UNH

This page is for undergraduates currently enrolled at UNH Durham. If you are considering enrolling at UNH as a new freshmen or transfer, contact the UNH Financial Aid Office to determine what type of assistance may be available for you.

The major sources of scholarship and grant aid for continuing students at UNH are:

There are also a number of student awards and scholarships that are available through UNH offices/organizations. Also, check out the resources and services available through CFAR for funding your undergraduate education. In addition, consider undergraduate research as a way financing your academic interests while simultaneously furthering your skills and experience. Furthermore, the UNH Fellowships Office assists high-achieving students to apply for national and international scholarship awards. Lastly, you can learn to be a millionaire by following the financial advice from C.A.S.H.!

Grant and Scholarship Aid through the UNH Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office (bottom floor, Stoke Hall) is the University resource/clearing house for need-based aid. Based on information you provide through the FAFSA, this office awards you need-based aid. This aid includes Federal Grants, College Work Study, and Loans (read more about them in this pdf document from the US Department of Education). In addition, this office administers/provides information about University Scholarships and Grants.

The Financial Aid Office also maintains a web page about outside scholarships available to UNH students. Check out this site several times each semester, as updated information comes in throughout the year and the awards have varying deadlines.

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Grant and Scholarship Aid Through Colleges and Departments

For information about grants,scholarships, and fellowships not based solely on financial need, continuing students may contact their academic department and college. Generally, this aid is contingent upon merit (academic performance) or a combination of merit and other factors such as academic field of study, leadership ability, residence, and/or financial need.

Regardless of your school/college, speak with your college advisor, department chairperson, and/or Dean's Office to find out what assistance may be available through your department/college. These are the people who best know you and the resources for your major and college. Moreover, it's critical to get to know the faculty in your department, for they may serve as future references for you and/or sponsors of your undergraduate research. Ask your advisor and department faculty members about professional organizations and scholarly societies that may provide scholarship or grant assistance related to your major.

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Student Awards and Scholarships

Other UNH student scholarship resources include:

Interested in Teaching?

Interested in Research?

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UNH Fellowships Office

The UNH Fellowships Office (Hood House) provides information, advising and application support for high-achieving, undergraduate and graduate students seeking to apply for national and international scholarship and fellowship awards.

Other Financial Resources

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